How to book a reading

  • Contact us by email or phone to arrange a date and time for your reading.
  • Provide payment through the PayPal button correspondent to the type of reading you chose.
  • Prepare a group of questions or areas of your life you want to discuss during your reading.

Remember that:

 - All information disclosed in Tarot readings is confidential and we will never share it with others. 

- Honesty and trust is fundamental for a good client - Tarot reader relationship and for a successful and accurate reading. Please share the details you consider necessary with your reader.
- Our commitment to you is to provide you with a honest and serious spiritual service and guidance, to help you when you most need it. You can rely on us!

Contact us for more information

Email Reading                                                                                                              $80

​For returning clients only - Up to 3 questions included.
Please allow up to 10 business days to receive your email reading.

Skype or Telephone Reading   (45 to 60 minutes)                                          $100

Enjoy a Tarot reading with Ana, without leaving the comfort of your home.
Please note: Costs of international phone calls are covered by the client.

Readings for Clients in Portugal  (60 minutes)                                               €50

​Special rate for clients living in Portugal only.
Please contact us for detailed information and to arrange method of payment. 

In Person Reading​   (60 minutes)                                                                         $120

Meet Ana in person for an insightful and detailed Tarot reading and

spiritual advisory, with time for your questions .

   Our readings are unique, insightful and detailed, to provide you guidance in your moments of need. They combine psychic abilities with tools like Tarot cards, Dowsing and Numerology.

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