She started to receive messages from her spiritual guides, which helped her understand that her mission is to help people. She then began her spiritual studies, as well as Cartomancy and Tarot studies.

   By the age of 18, Ana started reading Tarot for other people. She also started on a University degree, where her colleagues often would request for her insightful readings.

   Ana worked with special needs and problematic students until 2011, when she moved to Canada. She also maintained her spiritual work, by cooperating with two new age stores, providing Tarot readings.

   Ana is a spiritual medium. She will connect to your energy and be able to read it. She will combine her psychic abilities with other  tools like Tarot cards, Numerology, and Dowsing during your reading.

   Ana is also Portuguese, and she provides readings in English and Portuguese.


   Ana Prieto
   Tarot Reader & Spiritual Advisor


What We Offer

Our Team

   Ana is a very gifted soul with more than 15 years of experience.

   Her first psychic experience took place at a very young age.  By the time she was 15, her psychic development became intense. 

Our commitment to you is to provide you with an honest and serious spiritual service, in which you can rely on during your spiritual journey or in moments of need! 

   Ricky Faria
    Crystals Sales Representative

   Ana's partner in life and in business, Ricky is responsible for the crystals' department at The Tarot Path.

   Ricky has been developing his own spiritual abilities throughout the years. This development has become more intense and accentuated since 2013, when we started studying and working with crystals.